Commercial Property Financing


Multifamily transactions involve all types of properties, from those with only a few units to large multi-building complexes with hundreds or even thousands of residences. We offer borrowers a diverse selection of products and handle transactions with the greatest possible efficiency. We offer first and second mortgages or refinancing with maximum diversity in terms, rates and lending sources.


The office market provides various opportunities for owners and developers. For new acquisitions or refinancing, we have a wealth of sources who specialize in office properties. Whether it be a leasing issue, a need for significant tenant improvements or a complicated ground lease, we can work through the issues and help you take advantage of the unique opportunities in the office financing market. We can provide the capital resources that help borrowers maximize the potential of new or existing properties in the office building marketplace.


Regardless if it's new acquisition, or major repositioning, we have the ability to secure financing for retail real estate. Repositioning and re-tenanting is critical to the success of any retail center. From the purchase and revitalization of strip centers and regional malls to power malls and lifestyle centers, we understand the nuances and needs of the retail real estate industry.


Changes in industry have created a need for new industrial buildings and older warehouses which have become attractive for a variety of different uses, from retail space to research and development to newer flex products. Exciting opportunities abound for repositioning of older structures and acquiring or developing new ones. We'll match you with the source who appreciates the evolving nature of the industrial market and its market potential.


We are committed to delivering not only the very best rates and spreads, but every amenity of co-op financing including credit lines, secondary financing, flexible prepayment penalties, forward rate locks, minimal documentation requirements, and terms ranging from 2 to 30 years.


We recognize self-storage as an investment property, which compares favorably to many more alluring types of real estate. We can connect borrowers with the capital sources who understand the seasonal and economic cycles of this industry, providing opportunities for building or expansion of self-storage facilities.


Many properties, particularly in urban markets, are comprised of income from residential and retail space. We possess the expertise to maximize opportunities in the mixed-use market.

Special Purpose Properties

We offer several programs for Hotels, Motels, Gas Stations, Auto Repair Facilities, Convenience Stores, Restaurants, Daycare Centers, Assisted-Living Facilities, Dry Cleaners, Funeral Homes.

Mobile Home Parks

Special residential areas zoned and designed to accommodate mobile homes. The land on which each mobile home is located may be leased or purchased by the owner of the mobile home, depending on the park.

Forward Commitment

Forward commitments continue to gain in popularity in the current borrowing climate for real estate. This involves a commitment by a lender to make a loan in the future, often with a predetermined interest rate. We can help obtain the optimal structure for the borrower.


Similar to a construction loan, a renovation loan may involve financing for the specific purpose of upgrading an existing property in order to project the desired image of a product or service to the market. Our lending professionals are able to help borrowers present their renovation program to the right lending source and to plan and consummate transactions in a timely fashion, with the best rates and terms available.

100% no doc commercial loans up to 100% financing

100% No Doc Commercial Loans

Ideal for office condos, small businesses looking to buy, & an EASY alternative to tough SBA lending!

  • No Money Down!
  • Loan amounts up to $1,000,000.00
  • 30-Year Amortization
  • Excellent rates available!
  • Only 25% Owner-Occupancy (SBA requires 51%)
  • Local appraisers can be used
  • Must have a credit score above 700
  • Lower LTV’s available for lower credit scores


100% Professional office space real estate financing

100% Real Estate Financing for Professionals – Doctors offices, Lawyers offices, Accountants offices, etc.

Professions: Doctors, Lawyers and Accountants
Loan Types: Floating rate secured
Loan Proceeds: Acquisition, Refinance, Construction, Leasehold
Guarantees: Personal Guarantees Required
Size: up to $5 Million
Fast Close: 60 Days
Cash Flow Multiple: 1.1X Debt Service Coverage
LTV: 100% Financing
Term 25 Years

Church Real Estate Financing

Property Types: Sanctuaries, Schools, Expansion
Loan Proceeds: Acquisition, Refinance, Construction, Cash-Out
Trustee Guarantees: None
Size: $200,000 - $30 million
Fast Close: 45 - 60 Days
Cash Flow Multiple: 3-4x Unrestricted Contributions
LTV: Sanctuaries, Schools, Expansion
Term: 25-40 Years; Open-Ended for additional borrowings
Interest: Fixed Rate @ 190-220 over Treasuries
Prepayment: No Penalty
Construction Bonds: None required for qualifying projects

Church Construction Loan

6.9% Fixed Rate *

  • That’s fixed during the construction period! You pay interest only during construction!
  • That’s fixed for 5 years AFTER the construction period.
  • Lock in today’s rates for tomorrow – no re-pricing at C.O.
  • 30 Year amortization keeps the payment low.
  • No Pre-Payment Penalty / No Guarantors – This is flat out the best construction loan on the planet.

Business Acquisition / Franchise Start-Up

Just 10% Down, No Real Estate Necessary!!!

Now Available
For a limited time ONLY!
The Business Starter Loan
Loan Amount: Up to $1,000,000
Approved Loan Purposes: Franchise Start-ups
Franchise Acquisitions
Business Acquisitions
Machinery & Equipment Purchases
LTV: 90%
Borrower Injection: 10%
Term: 10 Years
Interest Rate: Prime + 1.50% - Prime + 2.75%
Pre-Payment Fee: None
Balloon Payment: None
Origination or Points: None
Borrower’s Injection: Now: 10% / 0% for additional franchise locations (was 15% - 20%)
Debt Coverage Ratio: Now: 1.20 for one year (was 1.25 for 2 years)
Minimum Buyer Salary: Now: Waived (was $25,000)
Eligible Businesses: Must be Privately Held and Operated For-Profit
Borrower’s Experience: None Required for Approved Franchises 3 Years of Related Experience for Non-Franchise
Working Capital: Funds Provided to Cover 3 – 6 Months of Expenses

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